Turkmenistan’s Government has commissioned RTA-Office the design of a Congress Hall & Convention Center for the Awaza Touristic Region Master Plan.

  • 29
  • November 20, 2011

The building aims to become a global calling for the promotion of regional and cultural tourism, through the content of its program and unique architecture. Through its elements, the project will give the area an injection of life, creativity and innovation, as well as help it become a place for meeting and exchange of information in a larger scale. Our project is manifested as a process’ generator of development of new public and cultural regional destination area.

For this reason we have chosen the strategy to design a building with a strong character and appearance. The proposal includes five buildings and a central hall unified with a pergola with a unique roof structure.

The five volumes of the buildings spread from the analysis, understanding and development of the shape of Turkmenistan’s traditional architecture. Their massive and iconic shape not only represents ancient architecture monuments such as the ”Ruins of Ancient Merv”, but it also responds to a climate requirement of balancing the temperature differences between interior and exterior spaces.